Yodiwo's IoT solutions can positively impact the following verticals.


At-home Recovery and Rehabilation
Chronic Disease Monitoring
Medicine Consumption
Non-observance Reduction
Early Identification of Diseases or Risk Factors
Smart Pharmaceutical R&D
Time Savings from Better Treatment


Accident Avoidance
Car Sharing
Private Hire and Taxi Platforms
Driveless Cars
Public Transport Fleet and Route Management
Traffic Jam Reduction

Housing and Hospitality

Energy Savings
Fire Alarm
House Automation
Remote Burglar Alarms
White and Brown Goods
Smart Kitchen in Restaurants
Smart Energy in Hospitality


Express and Parcel Delivery
Smart Construction
Smart Logistics – Container Tracking
Smart Logistics – Rail Car Tracking
Smart Logistics – Fleet Management
Smart Manufacturing

Retail and Wholesale

Stockout and Theft Reduction
Smart Logistics Fleet Management
Automatic Checkout
Express and Parcel Delivery
Sports Articles


Smart Grid
Smart Water
Smart Gas

Primary Sectors

Precision Farming: Crop Management
Precision Farming: Livestock Management
Smart Extraction (Oil and Gas, Mining)

Public Administration

Public Administration Efficiency
Street Light Control
Waste Management
Education Classroom Management


Yodiwo's IoT solutions have already contributed to the success of many companies.

hexiwearHexiwear is a powerful IoT development system offering a bevy of sensors on such a desirable form factor, you will forget that this is actually a full fledged development kit.

Paired with our Cloud Platform it becomes even better as all of its sensors are automatically brought up to our platform. Use Cyan to include them into your amazing User Stories and easily connect them to other things or services.

For example, watch how in a few minutes you can connect it to your Android or iOS phone and toggle their LEDs on every hexiwear flip.