Colourful and vibrant visualizations are created without coding. Effortlessly, analytics scale to any screen and can be embedded to your website or mobile app.

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Key Features

/ 1
Create colourful and vibrant visualizations, without coding! Effortlessly create analytics that stand out.

/ 2
Drag-n-drop; auto-scaling; event-driven; real-time; ever-evolving

/ 3
Choose between a constantly increasing number of widgets comprising maps, forms, tables, charts and image/video viewers, and provide fine-grained navigation with sidebars, tabs and modal pages.

/ 4
On-the-fly transformations of inputs and outputs to adapt to any and all APIs.

/ 5
Out-of-the-box responsive analytics, scaling to any screen.

/ 6
Embed any single page or the full dashboard into your website or mobile app.

localize and mesmerize.

emerald functionality

Emerald functionality example preview – water monitoring.

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