IoT Professional Services that rock!

We are your single, specialized consultant for Hardware, Firmware, Cloud Software and End Users Applications and for that we offer three (3) service tiers to our clients:

  • Pure Consulting and Project Management to facilitate System Integrators
  • Full implementation including Consulting and Implementation Deliverables, and
  • Training Services for Clients and System Integrators that allows them to utilize Yodiwo’s Platform at its full extend

Pure Consulting and Project Management for System Integrators

If you are an established system integrator with an existing array of clients and relationships, Yodiwo can help you align your IoT project with your client’s objectives and targets, facilitate the integration of multiple “things”, monitor and optimize the project’s delivery time . As high-level IoT project managers and owners of the Platform, we make sure that your project stays the course, adjusts and corrects its course when necessary and delivers the results as per your strategic targets and objectives.

Full implementation including Consulting & Implementation Deliverables

If you are a company that outsources its IoT projects and operations, this tier is for you. Yodiwo can work with your existing infrastructure and set of devices and things to define and deliver specific results for specific pain points and/or business targets. In addition to consulting with you on designing and managing the project in an end-to-end manner, Yodiwo will implement the agreed IoT Project, keeping you constantly updated on the results and performing all the necessary actions to achieve the desired result

Training Services for Clients and System Integrators

Yodiwo can offer Training Services for Clients and System Integrators, in order to learn how to create their own IoT stories, deploy them centrally and create all the dashboards necessary to support their operations. Clients and System Integrators can benefit from Yodiwo’s deep knowledge on the Platform and start creating their own IoT applications