Advanced Solutions addressing real business needs

Solutions are built on top of Yodiwo’s Platform utilizing most of it’s components. On top of that, we develop custom components (if any) turning every solution into a stand-alone product

Facility Management Unit (FMU) allows any building to automate the management (collecting, analyzing, monitoring, and notifications) of various events.

The FMU has successfully been installed in buildings to control and predict failures in HVAC systems, to extend SCADA installations with new sensors and to collect data from weather and air quality stations in public areas. Yodiwo and its partners are planning to install FMUs in various kind of facilities varying from aquacultures to greenhouses and public buildings

Yodigram (Yodiwo’s solution for retail business) optimizes business processes in retail, wholesale and supply chain management.

Yodigram is a state of the art tool which came into birth after the most promising partnership between YODIWO and WEST SA.