Facility Management Unit

The most integrated solution in the market combined with the Cloud Platform

What it does

Yodiwo Facility Management Unit (FMU) together with Yodiwo’s Cloud Platform allows any building to automate the management (collecting, analyzing, monitoring, and notifications) of various events.

How it works

In order to achieve the above, the FMU collects data from a great number of wired and wireless sensors and sends them to the cloud over LTE/4G or other WAN wired and wireless modems. The FMU can gather data from Wi-Fi, BT/BLE, Z-Wave, LoRa and RFX local wireless sensor networks and also provides USB slots for extending the range of the supported wireless protocols through dongles.

Yodiwo’s FMU is also compatible with Modbus, KNX, BACnet and other industrial systems.

The basic components

Yodiwo’s FMU consists of the following components:

  • The kernel of the unit is Yodiwo’s IoT Gateway called Wisper
  • Yodiwo’s Cloud Platform called Alcyone
  • Company’s flagship workflow creator environment called Cyan
The FMU (Facility Management Unit) in a nutshell

The FMU (Facility Management Unit) in a nutshell

In more technical depth

The unit is a fully bi-directional control system that can communicate wirelessly or via wires with devices that await for commands from remote servers, like metadata from the processing of the information produced by data source devices and systems.

The flow is as follows

Developers make their User Stories on Cyan using graphs, incorporating analytics, databases, 3rd party services, mobile and web-based applications, reporting systems and of course the wired and wireless sensors and actuators that are connected to the FMU. When the User Stories are deployed, Yodiwo’s graph processing engine will efficiently split the functionality and the FMU will be configured to run locally as much of the algorithms as possible. This makes Yodiwo FMU the most robust, secure and fast executing IoT facility management unit in the market.

Real life applications

The FMU has successfully been installed in buildings to control and predict failures in HVAC systems, to extend SCADA installations with new sensors and to collect data from weather and air quality stations in public areas. Yodiwo and its partners are planning to install FMUs in various kind of facilities varying from aquacultures to greenhouses and public buildings