Retail Business Excellence

Yodigram optimizes business processes in retail, wholesale and supply chain management

Main Characteristics


Our state of the art technology of image recognition provides the fastest solution in the retail market, with high levels of accuracy and tailor-made reporting for both sales force and the management team.


Create planograms with a quick, clever and flexible way, through our Planogram Editor tool. Then check the planogram compliance of each store or a channel with transparency in just a few minutes.


We offer live reporting on the field for the sales force to move into correction actions and also back office tailor-made reporting for all the important KPIs (OOS, SoS, Brand Block, Hot Area) and also for POP material

Why Yodigram

  • Create and monitor planograms with an easy & accurate way
  • Optimize time of visit of sales reps
  • Receive accurate reporting within a few minutes
  • Retrieve reliable statistics, eliminating human errors,<br/>bad communication and poor execution on the field
  • Manage field performance more efficiently
  • Guide your sales team to implement execution plan ad-hoc

Image Recognition Technology

We use cut-edge image processing technologies based on Deep Learning Networks and in-house developed segmentation algorithms for object detection and classification.

Deep Learning Networks are powerful hierarchical machine learning models, which can learn complex representations of objects using vast amounts of data. They are inspired by the human visual system. The segmentation algorithms are simplifying the taken image and increase the efficiency of the Deep Learning Networks.

The algorithms are developed and optimized from our team so as to achieve optimal results for the retail environment.

Further Information

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