A complete platform

Through our unique mix of components and plugins we offer a complete platform, covering the full spectrum of the IoT sector.

Major Components

Alcyone is not just one more cloud connectivity platform. It is the “brain” of Yodiwo’s IoT ecosystem which orchestrates and bridges a world of geographically dispersed Things, Analytics, storage systems and third party cloud services. Based on intelligent algorithms, Alcyone manages a network of Yodiwo fog/gateways (Wisper), aiming at the highest possible security and reliability as well as minimum latency.

Yodiwo has created Wisper, an IoT cloud-managed Fog/Gateway technology, acting as an IoT Universal Connector. Wisper is coming either as a cloud ready device or as a free, cross-platform software that can easily be installed in any computing system, such as Linux and Windows PCs, iOS or Android tablets and mobile phones or existing Linux routers. Thanks to its modular architecture, Wisper can be continuously upgraded using plugins for supporting existing as well as any future IoT protocols and ecosystems.

Wisper is capable of processing and executing full logic rules and operating as an ‘Alcyone ambassador’ at the areas of the edge network devices. Alcyone decides what Wisper should run and Wisper can do the rest without any further communication with Alcyone. Depending on the capabilities of the system it runs on, Wisper can support everything that a cloud server does.

Cyan is the leading IoT workflow creator, Thing Manager and visualization toolCyan makes the life of IoT developers easier, by offering a graph based IoT application development and deployment environment, which allows dispersed network devices of diverse technologies to be seamlessly connected with analytics, storage systems, mobile and web applications.

Yodiwo’s Agents make any connected device Yodiwo-aware. They are cross platform software libraries that can be integrated with a user application running on any dominant mobile or microcontroller platform. In particular, Yodiwo’s microcontroller or micro-Agents (μAgents) brings IoT processors of the future closer. Ask Yodiwo to learn more about its patented μAgent technology
A configurable reporting environment which can visualize real time data from Things, metadata from analytics or from databases. Yodiwo’s deployed solutions for verticals such asset tracking, facility management and inventory management for retail (Yodigram) are based on Yodiwo’s dashboard environment.

Storing raw data from devices or metadata from analytics and retrieving them for reporting or device managing purposes is getting easy with Yodiwo’s DBMS. Varous types of databases are supported: If the nature of your data is relational and your final application is based on queries, you can use SQL database; for historical data analysis, Time Series Databases such as InfuxDB can be used; for device management MongoDB is recommended. The Developer of User Stories on our workflow creator environment, Cyan, can easily select the appropriate database for their solutions or a mixture of the aforementioned databases.

Nebit is addressed to IoT app Users and it is the first mobile device management tool that enables Thing Sharing among Users and deployment of IoT apps bundled with Things. A concept that paves the way for the creation of a new IoT application marketplace