Agents for network Devices

What is it

Yodiwo’s Agents make any connected device Yodiwo-aware. They are cross platform software libraries that can be integrated with a user application running on any dominant mobile or microcontroller platform. In particular, Yodiwo’s microcontroller or micro-Agents (μAgents) brings IoT processors of the future closer.

Yodiwo SW Agents for Edge Network Devices

A cross platform SW to bridge any device with Alcyone (the Cloud Platform) or with Wisper (the IoT Gateway). It is installable on wearable device and in general on wireless CPUs even those with limited resources thanks to its small footprint.

Yodiwo SW Agent for A2MCU

This SW agent implements Yodiwo’s patented technology for Application Agnostic Microcontrollers. It is used by MCU vendors to virtualize silicon functions on the cloud and provide simple IoT application development framework for its customers.