The leading IoT workflow creator

What it is

Cyan is our flagship product and a leading IoT workflow creator. Cyan makes the life of IoT developers easier, by offering a graph based IoT application development and deployment environment, which allows dispersed network devices of diverse technologies to be seamlessly connected with analytics, storage systems, mobile and web applications. Imaging doing all these via a Graphical User Interface.

Selective features

The current version of Cyan introduces unique device management and reporting capabilities such as:


Real View

Enable RealView to have an as-they-happen overview of events. This actually extends beyond sensors and actuators and into all blocks in graphs!
Events that trigger configured alerts are easily identifiable and of different color.


Floorplan View

Go into our new ‘Placer’ section and add a background image, e.g. of a floorplan where sensors are placed. Start dropping the sensors’ Things (or Virtual Things that represent them) into the canvas and you immediately have always-enabled RealView tied to your own easily-identifiable locations.

Floor Plan: A unique cyan's visualisation environment

Floor Plan: A unique cyan’s visualisation environment

Per-Port alerts

Any eligible port in the Things Manager will allow you to set custom alerts. For example you can get notified if values cross pre-defined boundaries or if there no values at all within a specified time period.


Thing Grouping

Device management just got more useful with Thing Grouping. Create groups by thing type or manually, add/remove things or tags and configure all in one go. Each created group appears in the Designer’s stencil as a new special block that represents all of the group’s Things, can accept events from any of them and can trigger events towards all of them in one go, or to any specific one.


Virtual Things

Virtual things act as buffers between different graphs, allowing you to split complex stories into more than one graphs. Each created Virtual Thing automatically creates identical input and output blocks. Whatever is sent to one, generates an event on the other.

A nice side-effect is that Virtual Things allow buffering of the output of complex logic. Have a logical gateway that’s producing multiplexed events for many different physical entities? Capture the type of event you care about with one or more Logic blocks and then save it into a Virtual Thing which can be reused into any number of different scenarios.

Virtual Things remain normal Yodiwo Things and can be shared to others, grouped, assigned tags, etc.



Cyan, in its full extent (with all the features as explained above) is provided free of charge for

  • evaluation purposes
  • small scale IoT applications for personal use

We provide free consulting services to your System Integrator and Service Provider partners for the optimum use of Cyan and its components in each vertical.