The IoT Fog Gateway

What it does

Wisper is an IoT Gateway that integrates numerous proprietary ecosystems such as Google Nest, Samsung SmartThings, Apple HomeKit and Withings Home but also open ones such as OpenHAB. Through all these ecosystems, Wisper can connect to thousands of devices and even more through OpenHAB it can also support industrial grade devices over Modbus, KNX, BACnet and other industrial communication protocols, paving the way for distributed Industrial IoT services.

Modular and plugin-based integration

Modular and plugin-based integration

The integration is modular and for each ecosystem, there is a downloadable plugin enabling edge devices of almost any wireless or wired communication protocol to reach and operate via the cloud.

Wisper is a cross-platform Software that can be installed on any Windows or Linux PC, Android or iOS or Windows mobile phone, embedded ARM-based devices running Linux or Windows and others.

Wisper: The IoT Fog technology with Unlimited integration capabilities

Wisper: The IoT Fog technology with Unlimited integration capabilities

Wisper hardware

Additionally, Yodiwo provides a Raspberry PI based Wisper Device that, in addition to the support for the aforementioned proprietary and open IoT ecosystems, can act as a gateway for various sensor networks such as Wi-Fi, BT/BLE, Z-Wave RFX and others.


Raspberry PI

Raspberry PI based Wisper Device

Wisper &  Alcyone

Wisper is an ‘Alcyone Satelite’:   Multiple Wisper instances, configured, controlled and managed by Alcyone, virtualize a huge number of geographically dispersed Things and associate them with a user account