Developers, this one's for you.

What it is

YodiKit is a Starter Kit for developers who want to integrate new sensor and actuators with Yodiwo platform and generate new plugins for Wisper. It is also an extremely useful Home Automation Kit bundled with Nebit where the user can find smart applications that control the 5 edge network devices that are included in the kit: the IP camera, the energy plug, the door opening sensor, the smart button and the beacon with the humidity and temperature sensors.

Yodikit Products & Yodikit App

YodiKit, is based on Wisper and its edge network devices cover a spectrum of communication protocols such as Z-Wave, WiFi, Bluetooth and others. Using YodiKit with its code downloadable from Github, a system integrator or even a skilled user can add new devices to the list of supported network systems and also create a new plugin for Wisper.