Smart outdoor air quality and environmental monitoring application

An intelligent air quality measurement system should become part of the health and environmental protection policies of every city at the municipal level. 

Key features

  • Air Quality Station for real time outdoor monitoring of temperature, relative humidity, pressure, light volatile organic compounds, PM1/2.5/10 (optional TVOC, NO, NO2, CO, O3, SO2, NH3, H2S) 
  • Weather station for real time outdoor monitoring temperature, relative humidity, dew point / frost point, solar radiation, atmospheric pressure and rain fall  
  • Anemometer station for real time outdoor monitoring wind velocity and wind direction
  • Definition of air quality and environmental KPIs thresholds
  • Dashboard with map and to show live status of all air quality and environmental KPIs (Green Pin: status OK | Red Pin: Alert Status)
  • Real-time alerts – notifications to authorised users – programmable alerting, notifications can be sent by email and / or SMS when defined KPI thresholds are exceeded 
  • Air quality forecasting 
  • Admin for device management and battery levels
  • Citizens mobile app 
  • Historical data per monitored KPI 
  • Report export to CSV, XLS format


  • Up to 40% reduction in citizens’ exposure to dangerous levels of air quality based on the Air Quality Index (AQI)  
  • The creation of smart low emission zones 
  • Significant cost reduction thanks to the replacement of systems that do not communicate with each other 

Part of an integrated Smart City solution that addresses the problems of modern cities

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