Advanced hot desking and employees desk booking app

A smart desk booking system that empowers users with the flexibility to make dynamic office and meeting room reservations tailored to custom rules. It offers real-time visualization of space occupancy empowering users to optimize their workflows and effortlessly navigate their workplaces. DESK goes a step further by providing daily analysis and detailed reports on space utilization factoring in administrator-defined rules to promote energy-efficient occupancy management and responsive maintenance scheduling.

Key features

  • Real-Time Desk Availability: Users can see which desks are free at any given moment and make instant reservations
  • Booking Flexibility: Offer flexible booking options, including one-time reservations, recurring bookings, and the ability to reserve desks for specific time slots
  • Mobile Accessibility: Through the employees’ desk booking app, users can make reservations and access desk information on the go
  • Desk Navigation: Guides employees to their reserved desks/rooms and allows them to navigate to their co-workers using desk or employee ID
  • Customisable Floor Plans: Upload and customize floor plans to reflect specific office layout so users can easily locate and select desks based on their preferences or requirements
  • Check-In/Check-Out System: Confirm desk occupancy, helping users and facility managers track real-time desk utilisation*
  • Analytics and Reporting: Gain insights into desk utilisation, trends, and occupancy patterns for data-driven workspace optimisation
  • Multi-Location Support: For organisations with multiple offices or locations, support office space management across different sites


  • Office space optimisation
  • Easier hybrid work strategies
  • Elimination of crammed offices and poor ventilation
  • Predictive assets maintenance
  • Dynamic cleaning schedules

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