Smart buildings and energy efficiency for ESG excellence

A smart solution that integrates multiple data sources for live ESG performance monitoring, with a comprehensive reporting approach.

Key features

  • Creation of accurate building’s digital twin
  • Energy profile of buildings by collecting and analyzing data from energy meters over a sufficient period
  • Automation of data collection and storage
  • Monitor areas and energy performance KPIs based on real time / historical data
  • Create and monitor virtual sensors by combining data from real ones
  • Create schedules for automatic control of switches/PLCs in the building structure
  • Rules creation and editor, produce notifications to user groups, send commands to remote devices and create tickets
  • Customizable analytics, KPIs, reporting, alerting
  • Comparative analytics to assess the effectiveness of energy interventions
  • Consumption forecast based on previous trends
  • Customize and generate printable reports for energy audits
  • It integrates easily with existing equipment, BMS , Enterprise Asset Management and ERP systems


  • Achieve energy savings higher than 22% on average
  • Detect abnormalities in operation patterns and deviations from energy budget
  • Reduced operating costs –the only tool that combines energy monitoring and management with task management and space management functionality
  • Comply with energy-efficiency and emission-reduction obligations
  • A leading tool that organizations trust for driving their ESG KPI monitoring

The leading tool for ESG KPIs monitoring and reporting

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