24/7 Energy monitoring using smart meters and sensors

Gain access to a unified platform that oversees, efficiently manages, and enhances the energy efficiency of buildings. YodiFEM’s energy management system seamlessly integrates data from various sources, including energy billing platforms, energy meters, and sensors embedded within its digital twins, offering a comprehensive insight into energy consumption patterns across all corporate properties. Receive alerts for unnecessary expenses and deviations from budgetary targets, unveil the return on investment (ROI) of your technology investments, and validate the realized energy savings.

Key features

  • Energy Analytics: Get advanced analysis of historical and real time energy data to detect anomalies on the spot
  • Comparative Analytics: Compare energy use for different time periods
  • Integration: Centralize data from other systems, such as Building Management Systems (BMS), IoT devices, and renewable energy sources.
  • Energy Cost Calculator: Detailed understanding of energy spendings
  • Energy Benchmarking: Gain insight into building performance in relation to similar types of facilities based on size and use of building
  • Energy Flow: Visualize energy consumption for peak accuracy of energy saving measures
  • Weather Normalization: Optimize energy use based on crucial dynamic factors
  • Energy Disaggregation: Detailed insights into energy consumption patterns at the appliance or device level
  • Energy Reporting: Detailed weekly, monthly, quarterly reporting of energy consumption and cost performance
  • Energy Verification: Ensure accuracy and prevent overbilling or discrepancies
  • Custom Rules: Allow each user to specify their own criteria that trigger alerts for maintaining optimal energy levels
  • Correlation analysis: Assess the relationship between energy data and other types of data, helping to identify potential patterns or dependencies
  • Compliance Reporting: Enhance the energy audit process by creating tailored, insightful, and compliance-focused reports
  • Integration with EnGage – IoT-based Quality Management System (I-QMS) for sustainability and compliance management incorporating digitized management of ISO 50001, ISO 14001 and ESG policy


YodiFEM Energy Management System offers valuable insights, cost control, sustainability enhancement, and customizable alerts, empowering users to make informed energy management decisions. With a track record of success in over 500 buildings, it has consistently achieved average energy cost savings exceeding 15% through predictive and preventive measures, eliminating the need for costly equipment or material upgrades.

The leading tool for ESG KPIs monitoring and reporting

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