Sustainable facility management

Facility management has moved to the forefront of business growth today. Catering to the increasing needs of a diverse clientele and managing a large portfolio of buildings presents overlapping challenges for FM. From economic to environmental viability and labour issues, facilities managers must consider everything that affects building value, aiming for sustainable development and continual improvement of their strategies across all infrastructure.

YodiFEM has every management pain of yours covered, offering an all-in-one digital environment where you can centrally collect, store, correlate, and analyze data from any type of system, meter, and sensor. With a real-time view of any type of activity, from occupancy to energy consumption and indoor/outdoor conditions, users gain unprecedented understanding of all their buildings and remote control of all assets.

sustainability management platform for Facility Management

Automating every square inch of space of your facility

Integrated building management for operations efficiency.   

YodiFEM streamlines all needs:

  • Hybrid workspaces
  • Reducing carbon footprint  
  • Energy optimization
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Attracting and keeping talent 

Digital coordination of all assets and teams.

Bespoke combinations of IoT technologies, machine learning, predictive analytics and edge provide Facility Managers with a single point solution for data-driven confidence and increasingly advanced management strategies through:   

  • Advanced reporting  
  • Operations Automation   
  • Multitenancy
  • End-to-end sustainability management 

Scalable solutions

View the digital twins of your buildings on a modular platform integrating with any existing building management system for managing and correlating all your data from a single panel of glass.  

Yodiwo offers entirely customizable and scalable software solutions tailored to the needs of modern facility management. Reap the maximum benefits of big data by selecting the combined package or choosing individual modules. 

Pick individual modules or the full package


Anomaly detection, prediction and dynamic resolution

For predictive maintenance of all equipment and systems and forecasting that helps you extend the lifecycle of assets whilst saving energy, time and money, thanks to the use of advanced analytics.

Energy dissagregation  with comparative analytics 

  • Get the contribution of each device, room, floor or zone to the energy footprint of your organization and decide how to improve based on targeted actions that really matter.
  • Facility managers can even compare efforts across different clients’ buildings with similar characteristics, constantly perfecting their strategies.

Engaged and productive staff 

Involving the whole team in your operations thanks to the platforms multi-tenant architecture with custom dashboards for different user roles, and digitized task management making effective communication between all parties a breeze. Simultaneously, resolve the real causes behind mental fatigue, seasonal illness and under-productivity by promptly optimizing work environments.  

Return on investment 

Tracking the performance of assets, predicting failures, assessing upgrade opportunities and proving the resultant energy savings.  

ISO support for consistent ESG reporting 

Yodiwo’s solutions are made to support various energy and environmental management systems such as ISO 5001, LEED, ISO 14001 etc. Combined use of our solutions helps you streamline your ESG strategies while breaking them down into clearcut certifiable operations with trackable KPIs. 

Adaptive business models 

Utilizing data to learn and predict occupants’ shifting needs. Unlock deep insights into how energy needs, room usage, behavioural patterns, and environmental conditions intersect. Easily scale up your solutions and customize your KPIs accordingly with the help of our own engineers fully tailoring our systems to your roadmap. 

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