Digitising retail space and category management

We offer an all-in-one SaaS for fully integrable and scalable solutions targeting the pains of modern retail. Plano360 does not simply promise automated planograms, but rather a full digital optimization of their creation process, offering end-to-end visibility of the entire merchandising cycle.

Engaging spaces tailored to customer demographics and profitably utilizing every square inch of the store

The platform helps retailers master complex interconnected tasks across their enterprise, while optimizing every step in the HQ category management planning process thanks to its granularity, speed and capability to uncover new shopper insights.

Drive revenue into your retail chain with customer-oriented visual merchandising approaches and a holistic view of your performance through gathering and correlating the data generated by your own sales! You can now achieve a lot more with your existing staff and resources, simply by gaining the right insights to eliminate unnecessary costs and promote a strong and confident brand identity.

Space optimization

  • Well-organized, demand-driven, shopping areas
  • Seamless in-store customer journeys enhancing shopping experience and customer satisfaction
  • Store layout according to sophisticated data on costumer’s behavioral patterns
  • Dynamic notifications on underperforming store areas

Team management

  • Inclusive workflows connecting HQ directly with the store’s network
  • Incident management, team KPIs, etc.
  • Collaborative planogram execution
  • Ensuring peak staff productivity

Marketing and sales

  • Visual merchandising based on insightful analytics
  • E-commerce support for exact product availability
  • Personalized marketing and omnichannel strategies for stronger brands
  • Data-led understanding of audience demographics increasing customer loyalty

2D/3D digital twins of stores

View and manage all assets, SKU’s and info points in a user-friendly virtual environment.

Planogram and realogram execution

Defining single or multiple planograms per furniture and enabling AI based automatic planogram generation with added manual and semi-manual options.

Ticketing system

Direct communication showing exactly where a problem occurs on the virtual store resulting in digitized task management and prompt planogram implementation.

Real-time inventory view

Through integration with corporate back-office systems (ERP, WMS, CRM, CPRM) for stock transparency and optimization.

E-label handling

Unprecedented auditing confidence when ensuring planogram compliance.


Revealing the most and least profitable areas of any floor and store.

Condition monitoring

With the help of smart sensors measuring everything from temperature, air quality, humidity and energy consumption inside the store, and correlating data to customer behavior.

In-store and predictive analytics

In-store analytics for utilizing GDPR-compliant computer vision technology monitoring outdoor areas, ingoing and outgoing clients and producing demographic statistics. Predictive analytics for increasingly automated approaches to visual merchandising and store planning.

Customizable KPI’s, rule creation and reporting

For unlocking multiple factors of merchandising success.

On-going onboarding

Tailored support by our committed team of engineers constantly adjusting our solutions to your roadmap.

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