Well-being management system

Improving the workplace environmental quality through a holistic approach.

Key features

  • Zero installation cost
  • Through wireless sensors, it provides real- time monitoring of temperature, humidity, CO2, AQI, sound and light levels
  • Extendable with highly accurate space occupancy sensors to prevent overcrowding
  • Out-of-comfort-zone alerts
  • In conjunction with YodiFEM Energy and HVAC management systems enables automatic control of ventilation, de-humidification, warming and cooling
  • Extensive analytics and reporting
  • User friendly mobile app for occupants and visitors
  • Digital signage dashboard that can be used at the entrances of buildings and stores


  • Enables data-driven decisions to provide employees with a highly efficient living ambience regarding safety and comfortability
  • Creates attractive workplaces that top talents are drawn to
  • Helps organisation control the occupancy of workspace and keep indoor air quality fresh in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Lower absenteeism due to illness
  • Boosts the sense of safety to visitors of public places, stores and any other indoor area
  • Energy savings when combined with smart HVAC control systems of Yodiwo

Health and well-being offerings are essential for talent attraction and retention

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