Drill-down energy data analysis and control

SENSE is an add-on module to your ENERGY system for advanced energy control. It utilizes IoT data from smart sensors and smart meters to track everything from energy consumption, CO2 levels, temperature, humidity, light levels and more. Through IoT data analysis and correlation, it provides dynamic control of an organization’s operational performance, the ability to schedule precise actions, optimize budgets, and track various sustainability KPIs.

Key features

  • IoT Monitoring: Collect, visualize and analyze data from any device revealing your organization’s full operational picture
  • Data Analytics: Perform in-depth analysis of IoT data to detect anomalies, and uncover areas for improvement
  • Correlation Analysis: Correlate performance dataand create dynamic rules for system operation
  • Incident Management: Get real time alerts and notifications to dynamically schedule actions and reduce operational disruption
  • Environmental Dashboards: User-friendly dashboards and reporting tools that offer clear visualizations of any type of data (e.g enery data) and environmental KPIs.
  • Actions Tracker: Set goals, assign responsibilities, and measure the impact of your operational strategies
  • Mobile Accessibility: Mobile apps or responsive web interfaces for on-the-go access to IoT data and remote control
  • Advanced Reporting: Get detailed reports on any correlated IoT data and for any operational period


  • Comprehensive Environmental Insight
  • Performance Optimization
  • End-to-end digitalization of Operations
  • Energy Management Precision
  • Appliance Level Efficiency
  • Operational Cost Saving

If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it

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