Sustainable education

90% of prospective students would take pride in studying at a green campus, viewing commitment to sustainability as an important factor in their decision to enroll.

Shakespeare Martineau research, 2022

For every campus or educational building, this entails varying requirements. Energy consumption and the resulting carbon emissions from HVAC plant, lighting and loads such as IT equipment or labs create patterns which are difficult to manage, let alone predict and optimize. Maintaining adequate indoor air quality, comfortable light and sound levels and minimizing water consumption all contribute to an increasingly complex set of demands for the operational teams.  

Optimize energy, save costs and carry out energy reporting with data-driven confidence

Yodiwo’s solutions for sustainable facilities use bespoke combinations of IoT, AI and edge technologies to utilize big data towards end-to-end improvement of the education experience.  

Using the YodiFEM platform, education centers can:

  • Monitor outdoor and indoor conditions on a 24/7 basis, collecting data from any type of system, meter or sensor, gaining remote control of all assets 
  • Automate all operations and energy consumption, dynamically resolving anomalies and significantly reducing costs from promptly targeting under-performing systems 
  • Engage staff and students, building a culture of bottom-up sustainability and broadcasting clear efforts and results on customizable dashboards.  

Support for efficiently streamlining: 

  • Student satisfaction and well-being 
  • Cost and carbon emissions reduction
  • Environmental accountability
  • Social responsibility
  • Continuous improvement


Digitally transform your campus

View the digital twins of your buildings on a modular Cloud-based platform integrating with any existing building management system for managing and correlating all your data from a single panel of glass.  

Yodiwo offers entirely customizable and scalable software solutions tailored to the needs of educational facilities.

Choose the combined package or individual modules


Anomaly detection, prediction and dynamic resolution

For predictive maintenance of all equipment and systems and forecasting that helps you extend the life cycle of assets whilst saving energy, time and money, thanks to the use of advanced analytics. 

Energy dissagregation

View and correlate energy data per device, room, floor and zone, track comparative progress, detect multiple energy and cost saving opportunities, and experience continual improvement across all campus buildings.

Space optimization

Gain sophisticated insight into how every area is used from occupancy rates to energy consumption, expertly resolving issues in underutilized areas and increasing student satisfaction.  

Bespoke comfort in study areas

Thanks to advanced analytics recognizing behavioral patterns and correlating occupancy behavior with environmental data, effectively targeting indoor conditions in areas fostering seasonal sickness and fatigue.  

Cutting-edge software based on latest academic research 

We grow with you! In cooperation with European universities, our solutions are constantly developed, evaluated and expanded to provide expert lasting solutions to our clients’ complex, increasing and overlapping needs for continual improvement. 

Faculty and student engagement  

Environmentally aware education communities, digitally involving all staff in the process and producing a collective understanding of the real metrics behind sustainability in their campus.  

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