Sustainable healthcare

Energy Efficiency meets Occupational Health & Safety.

Provide comfortable and hygienic environments to patients and staff with better data. Optimize anything from energy consumption, air quality and daily operations with complete SaaS systems allowing for a full digital transformation of your hospital without troublesome installations.

YodiFEM offers an all-in-one platform to maximize the benefits of your resources while maintaining equipment health, predicting and resolving system anomalies. Integrate your existing BMS, HVAC equipment, sensors and meters to centrally manage all critical data for better, faster and more effective decisions.

Track, improve and report on all critical operations

Consider your hospital space as an extension of your healthcare services: tracking energy consumption, identifying energy wastage and ensuring optimal operation of all plant, while monitoring environmental conditions and providing healthier areas to patients and staff.   

  • Costs and carbon emissions reduction
  • Equipment maintenance optimisation
  • Environmental accountability
  • Social responsibility
  • Continuous improvement

Digitally transform your hospital

View the digital twins of your buildings on a modular Cloud-based platform integrating with your BMS to collect, correlate and analyse all your data from a single pane of glass, alerting users in case of underperforming equipment, and dynamically optimising system settings. 

Yodiwo offers entirely customisable and scalable software solutions tailored to the needs of hospitals.

Choose the combined package or individual modules


Anomaly Prediction & Dynamic Resolution

For predictive maintenance of all equipment and systems and forecasting that helps you extend the lifecycle of assets whilst saving energy, time and money, thanks to advanced analytics. Ensure quality management of critical plant and make auditing a breeze. 

Collaborative Workflows

Manage all teams, projects and operations in a multiuser environment enabling seamless communication and fast issues resolution.

Continual Improvement

Yodiwo’s solutions are developed to support various management systems such as ISO 5001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001 LEED, ISO 14001 etc. Combined use of our solutions helps you streamlining ESG strategies while breaking them down into clearcut certifiable operations with trackable KPIs. 

End-to-end automation

Utilizing data to learn and predict each area’s needs. Unlock deep insights into how energy needs, room usage, behavioral patterns, and environmental conditions intersect. Easily scale up your solutions and customize your KPIs accordingly with the help of our own engineers fully tailoring our systems to your roadmap. 

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