Sustainable hospitality

Integrated Energy and Operations Management can play a crucial role in helping the hospitality industry remain competitive during a protracted period of intense cost pressures.

Moreover, it offers a structured tool set to track and reduce carbon emissions while achieving continual improvement in ESG metrics. Today’s cutting edge IoT software provides a dynamic and intelligent interface between plant and operators, constantly monitoring thousands of parameters affecting energy consumption, indoor environmental conditions and equipment health. Embedded machine learning algorithms seize the power of big data to provide timely insights into energy use patterns, cost variations and the behavior of staff and customers enabling on the fly optimisation of systems and processes.

ESG monitoring & reporting in the HORECA industry

Reduce costs and remain competitive  

  • Energy efficiency  
  • Social responsibility
  • Environmental accountability
  • Net-zero emissions

Hotels and resorts

For effective end-to-end de-carbonization and energy optimized spaces ensuring safety and demonstrable environmental practices to clients and staff.

Cafes and restaurants  

For truly sustainable fourth wave industries, ethical brand image and top tier dining experiences in bespoke digitized environments.


Digitally transform spaces 

View the digital twins of your buildings on a modular platform integrating with any existing building management system for managing and correlating all your data from a single panel of glass.

Yodiwo offers entirely customizable software solutions tailored to the needs of the hospitality industry.

Choose the combined package or individual modules


Anomaly detection, prediction and dynamic resolution

For predictive maintenance of all equipment and systems and forecasting that helps you extend the life cycle of assets whilst saving energy, time and money, thanks to the use of advanced analytics. 

Energy dissagregation

View and correlate energy data per device, room, floor and zone, track comparative progress and detect multiple energy and cost saving opportunities. 

Space optimization

Gain sophisticated insight into how every area is used from occupancy rates to energy consumption, expertly resolving issues in underutilized areas and increasing customer satisfaction.  

Return on investment

Tracking the performance of assets, predicting failures, optimising serving schedules, assessing upgrade opportunities and proving the resultant energy savings. 

ISO support for consistent ESG reporting

Yodiwo’s solutions are made to support various energy and environmental management systems such as ISO 5001, LEED, ISO 14001 etc. Combined use of our solutions helps you streamline your ESG strategies while breaking them down into clearcut certifiable operations with trackable KPIs.   

Adaptive business models

Utilizing data to learn and predict clients’ shifting needs. Unlock deep insights into how energy needs, room usage, behavioral patterns, and environmental conditions intersect. Easily scale up your solutions and customize your KPIs accordingly with the help of our own engineers fully tailoring our systems to your road map. 

Well-run environmentally educated teams

Engage every team member in your energy optimization journey, sustainability and environmental goals thanks to the platform’s multi-tenant architecture, allowing every party to track their own efforts and monitor progress on customized user-friendly dashboards. 

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