Sustainable public administration

Municipal and regional administrations have always been at the forefront of public policy implementation, attempting a difficult balancing act between the edicts of the central government and the expectations of the public.

However, in recent years their role has dramatically increased in both complexity and significance as they’re striving to respond to the fast-evolving climate crisis coupled with frequent energy price shocks. At the same time, citizens are demanding transparency and almost real-time accountability from their elected representatives at the local level.  

Managing an extensive portfolio of public buildings, each with a set of different energy and occupant needs, and ensuring continual improvement of their energy and carbon delivery metrics requires right tools and intelligent data management. Nevertheless, energy and carbon are not the only KPIs. Outdoor and indoor air quality has rightly entered the frame, as well as traffic, parking and waste management. The common thread that connects all of the above is the ubiquitous need for timely, accurate and granular data which must quickly be translated into actionable insights. 

YodiCity: Promoting the interoperability of all systems for highly digitized, sustainable and navigable urban environments 

Monitoring all indicators of urban sustainability, the platform caters to every energy, social and environmental need of a city and its infrastructure.  

Digitally transform your city

View the digital twins of your buildings on a modular platform integrating with any 3rd party software and system for managing and correlating all your data from a single panel of glass.  

Yodiwo offers entirely customizable and scalable software solutions tailored to the needs of educational facilities.

Choose the combined package or individual modules


Anomaly detection, prediction and dynamic resolution

For predictive maintenance of all equipment and systems and forecasting that helps you extend the life cycle of assets whilst saving energy, time and money, thanks to the use of advanced analytics. 

Energy dissagregation with comparative analytics 

Get the contribution of each device, room, floor or zone to the energy footprint of your organization and decide how to improve based on targeted actions that really matter. View and correlate energy data per device, room, floor and zone, track comparative progress, and detect multiple energy and cost saving opportunities. 

All-in-one ISO management  

Sustainability development entails environmental, social and economic components. Yodiwo’s combined systems are designed to cater to all steps of ISO management from strategy planning to incident monitoring and auditing for continual improvement across the board. Easily track and compare results from all operations, verify savings and streamline ISO 5001 and ISO 14001 goals.  

Engaged employees and citizens 

Thanks to Yodiwo’s systems’ multi-tenant architecture, all parties can view their efforts on custom user dashboards for seamless communication and collaborative networks. Citizens and building occupants can rest assured for all matters of health, safety, urban mobility and more, and get directly notify about anything that concerns them through the Citizen App. 

End-to-end automation  

Utilizing data to learn and predict citizens’ shifting needs. Unlock deep insights into how energy needs, behavioral patterns, and environmental conditions intersect. Easily scale up your solutions and customize your KPIs accordingly with the help of our dedicated engineers fully tailoring our systems to your roadmap through every step along the way. 

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