Effectively schedule your business priorities

Make the complex tasks look easy and meet the deadlines.

Key features

  • Task dependencies and scheduling
  • Granular and custom roles and access rights
  • Task time tracking
  • Mobile friendly
  • Tasks can be linked to buildings, floors, zones and assets (for facility managers)
  • Tasks configuration as mandatory and optional
  • Automated creation and linking of tasks based on rules
  • Integrations to 3D party tools such as ERP, MS Teams etc.
  • Task delegation and workload distribution
  • Documents sharing, easy linking for notes and images
  • Real time tracking of activities and notifications
  • Rich analytics and KPIs monitoring (response time, team’s performance, ticket status etc.)
  • Exportable reports


  • Manage everything from a single platform
  • Improves productivity, collaboration & communication
  • Strengthens team workflow
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce stress
  • Eliminate remote working and geographic barriers
  • Efficient budget management
  • Gain a total project visibility

Face project management demands and gain a higher ROI by utilizing all resources more effectively

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