Daily time box for dynamic shift management and hours registration

More than a rota app, Time Box empowers its users to efficiently schedule work shifts while seamlessly recording their hours within their organization’s IT and HR systems, as well as any relevant governmental platforms. This ensures effortless compliance with EU Time Tracking Laws and simplifies the process of conducting stress-free workplace inspections for organizations.

Key features

  • Automated time log: Register shift start and endvia QR or beacon and ensure employee presence in workplace
  • Availability Management: Enable employees to set their availability preferences for dynamic shift scheduling that aligns with personal requirements.
  • Notifications and Reminders: Deliver automatic notifications and reminders to employees regarding upcoming shifts, schedule modifications, or time-off requests.
  • Real-Time Updates: Ensure that the schedule is continually updated in real-time, granting immediate access to all stakeholders for the latest changes and updates.
  • Open API: Seamlessly integrate with any third party software or YodiFEM’s Desk + Task systems for a complete workplace management solution


  • Transparent governance
  • Better office space planning
  • Dynamic timekeeping and monitoring of work per asset, cost center, employee, customer
  • Accurate calculation of project costs and full transparency to clients
  • Detailed reports on work efficiency and actual working hours per person/asset/cost center

Detailed reports on work efficiency and actually working hours per person, asset or working center

Other modules: