Smart traffic and bicycle management 

An intelligent solution to seamlessly measure and efficiently manage traffic flow to ensure drivers’ safety and environmental sustainability. 

Key features

  • Traffic analytics 
  • Vehicle ID fire detection 
  • Congestion detection through AI based cameras and sensors 
  • Predict upcoming situation through machine learning
  • Dynamic city systems adjustments such as traffic lights, ramp signalling and bus lanes 
  • Emergency routing: give priority access to police, fire and ambulance services
  • Real-time alerts – notifications to authorized users – programmable alerting, notifications can be sent by email and / or SMS 
  • Historical data per monitored KPI 
  • Report export to CSV, XLS format


  • Real-time city traffic remote monitoring 
  • Optimize traffic in the city and reduce pollution
  • Improving passenger traffic and emergency preparedness 
  • Prevent accidents with pedestrians or other vehicles
  • Improve air quality by reducing emissions
  • Save money with scalable deployments
  • Better planning and understanding of the needs when doing city planning for future roads / bicycle paths 

Part of an integrated Smart City solution that addresses the problems of modern cities

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