Improve your municipality performance

Resolve new challenges with confidence and minimal costs, optimizing your resources and using existing infrastructure.  

Parking spaces, street lights, traffic lights, benches, weather and air quality stations, e-bikes, ev chargers, irrigation systems and many others: all can operate collectively to unlock the full hidden picture of what goes on in modern urban environments.​

Through combined solutions that seamlessly reap the benefits of big data, we enable the creation of sustainable infrastructures to address the global energy crisis, climate change, economic challenges and social governance issues. ​

Scalable Solutions

Experience unprecedented data-driven success of your city’s operations and respond to citizens’ needs with accountability and transparency. 

YodiCity is a modular platform which comes with a variety of smart city management solutions and unlimited ability to host any third-party applications.

YodiCity integrated applications can manage:


Gather real-time information from thousands of sensors and other data points to be correlated thanks to IoT data interoperability. 


Predict future events accurately with metrics, incident logs and advanced analytics, saving energy and minimizing costs through fast and effective predictive maintenance of all systems.


Automate all services and management with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning allowing for dynamic notifications, alerts and immediate anomaly resolution.

Digital twins of cities

View and manage all assets centrally in user-friendly 2D or 3D virtual environment for both desktop and mobile, creating the knowledge base for simulation, reporting and automation models. Users can visualize data in an actionable way, create various role profiles and directly communicate with anyone through an embedded ticketing system for fast execution of all services under one single panel of glass.

Mobile app for citizens and tourists

For full transparency and control over all aspects of navigating the city. Increase civic engagement so your council can reach and educate the wider public about every operation regarding energy, the environment, health, and safety. 

Cost-effective fully integradable systems

YodiCity, running on any cloud, supports any open, edge device technology regardless of the frequency and the volume of data they produce. It integrates easily with any 3rd  party application or software used by councils such as GIS and ERP for cost-efficiency & maximum expandability of our solutions. Various communication protocols are supported for fast and flexible data transfer.

Customizable KPI’s, alerts and notifications

Cross-application rule creation enables users to do most with system interoperability, pursue holistic approaches to energy, environmental and social endeavors, maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of all services through multidimensional reporting.

Flexibility for tuned-in solutions

We provide in-house developed systems, and we fully control their road-map, driven by our customers needs, market trends and technology advancements in areas such as IoT, AI/ML, digital twins, big data, data visualization, system interoperability.

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