Smart facility management ​from IoT to actionable KPIs

With focus on energy as much as operational efficiency and well being, YodiFEM unleashes the highest value of commercial and industrial facilities.

  • A-to-Z solution that manages everything from devices to business intelligence​
  • Analytics that maximize energy efficiency
  • Continuously updated auditable reports tailored to corporate processes and targets​​
  • Machine Learning models that detect anomalies of any data pattern
  • Streamlining of sustainability ISO system management such as 50001 and 14001​
  • Unprecedented 3D space modeling that minimizes facility management overhead​

Scalable Solutions

YodiFEM is a constantly expanding all-in-one platform that follows the trends of modern facility and energy management. It incorporates modules that can be used as standalone applications or in combinations for the greatest possible performance of organisations’ infrastructure.

Beyond automation and big data management, Yodiwo offers complete systems able to track and assess complex ESG KPIs for buildings  that are dynamically adaptable to their occupants’ overlapping and rapidly changing needs. View the digital twin of any facility and cater to all environmental and workplace operations from a single panel of glass. 

Choose any module and gain access to the entire open platform


Monitoring CO2 levels, noise and ambiance to create safer, healthier and optimized workspace conditions.


24/7 monitoring of indoor and outdoor conditions collecting data and detecting anomalies wherever they occur. 


Dynamic notifications on under performing systems, suggesting changes, optimizing settings, and scheduling corrective actions. 


AI based predictive maintenance, foreseeing operational costs and expenditures to help organizations remain on top of the game. 

Tailored support for any energy efficiency and workplace management project

  • Facility Managers 
  • Energy Managers 
  • Sustainability Managers 
  • ISO Managers 
  • HR Professionals  

With YodiFEM we managed to consolidate a large portfolio of facilities with numerous legacy BMS, commercial off-the-shelf wireless sensors and our CMMs software under a single, open platform, facilitating operations management with real time monitoring and analytics. It helped us identify flaws in the use of energy, the maintenance of critical building equipment and the conditions in the workspace which ended up to significant financial benefits for our customers coming from measurable energy savings, more effective maintenance of equipment and increase of productivity.



All-in-one work management

Did you know that digitized work management and a data-based view of your workforce can help master all operations from assets and resources to energy optimization?

Digital twins of buildings

Manage all your assets remotely in a user-friendly 2D/3D virtual environment. View your data in an actionable way and communicate with all parties real-time for fast resolutions and operational efficiency.

Necessary tools for successful ESG reporting

Yodiwo’s combined modules allow our clients to simultaneously reach such goals with unparalleled understanding of their buildings’ energy performance in relation to every other aspect from space to workforce management. 

Cost-effective fully integradable systems

Save money doing more with less.  YodiFEM runs on any cloud and supports any open edge device technology regardless of the frequency and the volume of data they produce. It integrates with BMS as well as with corporate software solutions such as ERPs, CMMS or HR management systems. A LoRaWAN Network Server is also integrated to manage LoRa devices without requiring a third-party platform.

Energy and space optimization

Unlock the power of big data with Advanced Analytics showing exactly how and when spaces tend to be occupied and targeting hubs of sickness. Underutilized areas can be confidently improved, planning energy usage accordingly while dynamically optimizing environmental conditions.

Employee satisfaction, automated workspaces

YodiFEM leverages its knowledge of space and indoor conditions to deliver sophisticated desk and room booking  management  systems and help organizations implement a modern, flexible working model that attracts talents.​


Involve all parties digitally thanks to the platform’s multitenant-architecture. Create unlimited user profiles with custom dashboards, giving role-based control and access rights of specific buildings, zones, floors or even sensors and meters.​

Cutting-edge software based on latest academic research

Our solutions are constantly developed, evaluated and expanded to provide expert lasting solutions to our clients’ complex, increasing and overlapping needs in collaboration with leading universities in facility and energy management.​ 

Flexibility for tuned-in solutions

We provide in-house developed systems, fully controlling their road-map, driven by our customers needs, market trends and technology advancements in areas such as IoT, AI/ML, digital twins, big data, data visualization, system interoperability.​

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