Things Network Virtual Conference 2020

On April 16th, Yodiwo participated in the 24-hour Things Network Virtual Conference, attracting over 25,000 IoT enthusiasts and professionals around the world, eager to learn about the new trends of the industry. CEO, Alex Maniatopoulos and VP R&D, Nikos Kostis virtually presented the Wisper gateway family of edge LoRa gateway devices and how they can be bundled with TTN Enterprise stack which Yodiwo platform uses as a LoRaWAN network management system for many of its applications.

The entry level device of Wisper family is the Wisper LiteTM, a multi-protocol adaptor which bridges 1-wire, RS485, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sensors with TTN over LoRa.

The second member of this product line is the Wisper ProTM, a powerful, programmable, Linux based IoT gateway with LoRa concentrator capabilities in addition to various other wired and wireless protocols supported.

With the Wisper product family, Yodiwo can connect every “Thing” with everything else through TTN and with the use of its platform, thus becoming a single stop shop for IoT application development in a fraction of time and cost compared to any other methodology and toolset.

See the virtual video presentation.