YodiFEM, IWMS now available on the Microsoft AppSource Marketplace

4 January, 2022

At Yodiwo we deliver scalable solutions for smart facilities, smart retail and smart cities. Among others, we enable facility management professionals to quickly acknowledge and proactively prevent problems and identify optimization opportunities. Today we are glad to announce the availability of YodiFEM platform in the Microsoft AppSource Marketplace.

YodiFEM is an integrated workplace management system designed to develop smarter buildings and create more productive working environments, with conditions improved by more than 35% across our clients.

The Microsoft AppSource is the online marketplace through which any business can find solutions that enable innovation, drive business outcomes, and help them get more jobs done with what they already have in-house.

YodiFEM is a modular system that targets a wide range of stakeholders in large companies like: Facility Management Service Providers, Buildings Owners, Utility Companies and more. It helps them eliminate their energy footprint, maximize employee’s wellbeing in workplaces and create ever-increasing value from their physical assets.

Using end-to-end industry leading technologies such as edge computing, machine learning and advanced data analytics, it constantly operates on building’s data, detecting abnormalities in operation patterns and deviations from energy budget. It integrates easily with any existing equipment, BMS, Enterprise Asset Management and ERP systems and many more.

In a nutshell, with YodiFEM, building owners and operators can manage, monitor and optimize:

  • energy consumption
  • equipment condition
  • facility maintenance tasks
  • space occupancy, including desk booking
  • indoor environmental factors like air quality, ambient lighting, air temperature & humidity and sound levels
  • outdoor areas like parking, waste management, outdoor lighting etc.

At the same time, it can automate regular reporting based on custom templates that the system fills in with user-defined analytics. It is the leading tool that organizations trust for driving their ESG KPI monitoring.

On average, our customers have reported:

More than 22% energy cost savings

Annual operating cost reduction: €60 per m2

  • 40% less overhead
  • 35% improvement in working conditions
  • 45% higher employee satisfaction with a significant productivity increase
  • 90% reduction of unscheduled equipment shutdown
  • 20% increase of efficiency in Planning and Problem Solving

“Following the successful publication of our retail category and space management platform (Plano360) as well as the smart city platform (YodiCity), Microsoft has strongly supported us to publish YodiFEM on AppSource as well. Through Microsoft, we have the chance to connect directly with critical LoB (Lines of Business) decision makers, providing us with a single destination for business users to discover and test our platforms. At the same time, we can reach markets we may not have been able to reach before, bringing YodiFEM to the top of the Smart Facility platforms”, said Alex Maniatopoulos, CEO and co-founder of Yodiwo.

Interested in discovering how you can improve business efficiency with the use of IoT devices such as low power environmental and condition monitoring sensors, smart cameras, smart meters, tags, beacons and many others? Book a call with us and explore the Smart Facilities Management platform of Yodiwo.