Getting Future Ready at Beyond Expo 2022

Last week, Yodiwo attended Beyond Expo 2022 in Thessaloniki, the first international stage for Industry in South Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean and the MENA region. This year’s expo brought together international industry experts and scientists in a three-day conference promoting knowledge and innovation around AI technologies transforming the market from finance to retail to telecommunications to healthcare to the public sector and many more.

Digital transformation through the employment of IoT and AI/ML technologies is becoming a necessity in every aspect of life. Participants have made apparent that intelligent big data management is transforming the way society organizes itself. Connectivity, system interoperability and predictive models are crucial for upping business value and promoting sustainable development in all organizations. From industry to industry, digital transformation might entail slightly different processes, but at the end of the day everyone comes out stronger once visions are exchanged and innovation is shared.

Smart cities, a big topic at Beyond, have always been regarded as the prime example of interoperability, helping digitally transform entire urban networks for the benefit of citizens and the environment. The most sophisticated smart city platforms virtually represent and dynamically resolve daily issues of urban living offering real-time view of all operations on digital twin models. Existing systems are made smarter, helping municipalities do most with the data they have at hand and reach complex KPIs. But how can other industries directly benefit from and add to these endeavours?

The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.

William Gibson, The Economist.

The modern role of AI is to ensure that digital transformation leaves no one behind. At Beyond Expo, Yodiwo was invited to Hetia and SEKEE’s panel on Extracting Value from Digital Transformation. With a background in combined solutions for smart cities and infrastructure, Yodiwo focused on the importance of all-in-one approaches to energy efficiency, operational cost reduction, CO2 reduction and environmental quality control.

In automating crucial city operations such as traffic, lighting, waste management, and air quality monitoring in urban environments, modern smart city platforms platforms must build system intelligence that adequately captures intersecting real-life processes. A strategic digital representation of the latter creates not just smarter systems, but smarter people. With dashboard customizability and multitenancy, such systems create lasting sustainability by giving sophisticated tools to the real agents of smart cities: all teams and citizens.

Yodiwo’s CEO, Alex Maniatopoulos highlighted the importance of smart city platforms to focus on maximum integrability, handling data of any kind to avoid fragmentation in any digital transformation vision. He also emphasised the role of current systems in the upcoming revolution of smart city digital twins. Simply speaking, city’s operations managers, citizens, and visitors will benefit from systems that answer to ‘what if’ questions through simulation and prediction. Such solutions set to digitalize any kind of infrastructure along with its city, building a world where everyone remains connected and ensuring a sustainable future for all.

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