Zappeion Smart City Exhibition: A closer look at Yodiwo’s Awarded Solutions in Nicosia

Yodiwo is honored to announce our winning entry in Teamworks’s first Smart City Exhibition at Zappeion, Athens. The award was given to Yodiwo for the solutions we have been working on alongside our partners at Cyta and NewCytech, which have been in effect for the past two years in Cyprus’s city of Nicosia, a leading smart city awarded by the European Green Digital Coalition Initiative.

The exhibition on 16th-17th June has been the first wide reach event in Greece to not only bring together technology providers revolutionizing the future of smart cities in Greece, but also provide valuable information to the public regarding the latest developments in digital and information technologies.

A great deal of the importance of such events also lies on creating a collective understanding for how smart cities are defined, towards shared visions of how to best promote practices not just on a municipal but also on a national level.

What makes a city smart?

Teamworks CEO Ioannis Halavazis, stated that Europe’s developmental policies rest on “smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth,” and that smart cities are a new framework of urban governance, whereby digital technologies play a dominant role in improving operations and teamwork.

At Yodiwo, we know that cities do not become intelligent solely based on their technological infrastructure, but rather on how the latter sets the basis for efficiency, streamlines different sustainability operations, but also gives digitized control to the real agents of change: municipality admins and employees, as well as citizens.

To this end, Yodiwo’s solutions feature dynamic and integrated control of all smart city systems, user-based rules creation for customized admin control, and a Citizens App so that everyone can remain connected 24/7, send real-time updates to city offices, and have an overall seamless navigation of urban environments.

Yodiwo’s Smart Solutions in Nicosia

The Municipality of Nicosia, aiming to make Nicosia a smart city and a capital of innovation, adopted a comprehensive digital transformation plan.

The Smart City Project of the Municipality of Nicosia includes two separate sections:

  1. the creation of infrastructure
  2. the development smart systems that benefit citizens and municipalities alike

Yodiwo contributes to the latter with various smart city systems under the YodiCITY platform, offering innovative IoT systems for:

1) Waste management

The solution includes the installation of different types of sensors and software for managing and updating municipalities and citizens real-time. The innovation of the platform lies in the use of advanced technologies, such as edge computer vision (ECV) with image analysis. Trash can fullness, temperature, and, as well as fly tipping can quickly be detected and acted upon, while AI & ML capabilities serve towards predictive analysis for optimized and dynamic pickup scheduling.


  • 15% fuel consumption reduction
  • 30% waste collection costs reduction

2) Smart Parking

Yodiwo’s smart parking system is a unique combination of technologies for optimal joint management of open, closed and on-street parking spaces:

•smart cameras that utilize AI and Machine Learning algorithms to establish a self-trained computer vision system able to pick up on humans, animals, vehicles, objects, and movements in great detail, and dynamically predict behavioral patterns.

•IoT sensors placed on roads, updating the platform whenever a parking spot is taken.

Traffic is thus diverted, accidents are prevented, alternative routes and spots are automatically generated, all while reducing pollution, noise levels and overall frustration. Citizens can access all this information through an App, giving those disproportionately affected, such as people with disabilities, priority over reserving spots, and helps municipalities target illegal parking.


  • 15% fuel consumption reduction
  • 30% waste collection costs reduction

3) Smart Lighting

Intelligent lighting contributes to green roads by ensuring optimal street lighting intensity alongside maximum safety of pedestrians and drivers.

Namely, dynamic lighting is achieved based on analysis of time, weather, sunlight levels, and behavior patterns. Municipalities can apply multiple lighting policies per zone, dynamic grouping of lighting fixtures, and lighting level adjustments according to traffic and weather conditions.

Yodiwo’s Smart Lighting ensures forecasting of municipal lighting expenses, predictive maintenance based on monitoring lighting bulb lifespan, real-time lighting control, as well as the immediate repair of faults in the street lighting network.


  • 40% energy footprint reduction
  • 50% electricity cost saving

Unifying Principles

If cities want to meaningfully reduce their energy and carbon footprint while remaining on budget and foreseeing costs, the adoption of new technologies must only occur after a carefully considered digital transformation plan, reflecting on how different processes intersect.

YodiCITY is built on the principle that different smart city services (parking, lighting, air quality etc), can no longer be treated as siloed entities but rather as processes that directly influence each other. We believe that the ultimate power of our services lies in their dynamic interaction under the YodiCITY umbrella, digitizing the entire urban network as well as city buildings & infrastructure with end-to-end Energy management.

As Nicosia continues to evolve and embrace the digital age, Yodiwo’s pioneering technologies will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of urban living. With a focus on connectivity, efficiency, and sustainability, Yodiwo’s smart city solutions are revolutionizing the way cities function and empowering citizens to thrive in a digitally enhanced environment.