Yodiwo on Fortune Greece Network – Building a culture of ESG within organizations

Fortune Greeceā€™s Monthly Network Meetup this June was a lively event that featured in-depth nuanced reflections on the future of ESG in Greece.

Yodiwo’s CEO Alex Maniatopoulos answered questions such as: can Greece compete with the rest of Europe when it comes to ESG issues? has the right culture been built or do Greek companies see the implementation of quality systems as an obligation? what tools are out there that help automate ESG processes?

With proper ESG management having a long way to go still, attention should be given to who is in charge of carrying out ESG policies in modern organizations, which should rethink those roles and educate accordingly.

Alex Maniatopoulos pointed down the dual role of technology, as both a means and an end, stating that intelligent and user-friendly systems of ESG management should be built on the premise of working with people. Namely, sustainability management systems should focus on modeling and visualization, allowing users to easily monitor their energy and carbon footprint, and thoroughly examine what these depend on.

Watch the interview highlight with English subtitles: