Yodiwo IoT platform selected from the Digital Innovation Against COVID-19 Ideas Challenge

May 11, 2020

The challenge is an initiative of the Greek Ministry of Digital Governance and aims to pursue new innovative ideas to address the needs of the National Health System against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yodiwo’s IoT people counting module, has been selected from 130 mature Digi-Tech solutions amongst the 15 top scoring technological solutions that are mature and ready for quick implementation and can give immediate results against the effect of pandemic COVID-19 crisis.

More specifically, YODIFEMP Yodiwo’s Facility and Energy management platform supports a unique module that combines space occupancy analytics and air quality management and offers holistic management of workplaces and other areas to ensure social distancing and healthier environment, as COVID-19 crisis mandates. See the video of our solution by clicking: 

YODIFEMP  offers an advanced and easy to install solution utilising 3D stereoscopic video technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI) able to:

  1. Monitor indoor occupancy levels (IN-OUT people counting)Monitor real-time in-door occupancy andcorrelate total in-door facility area (sqm) versus occupancy for issued public in-door occupancy compliance rules (i.e. 1 person / 10sqm)
  2. Count people standing in a queue
  3. Generate alerts when automatically detecting exceeded limits for Queueing, Waiting Time, Number of People for in-door facilities
  4. Mobile app and alerts for end-users to check location based In-door occupancy and queuing levels (eg. in banks, etc.) before visiting a facility

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