Nicosia, the first SMART CITY of Cyprus – proud to be part of this project!

Feb. 23, 2021

Contracts were signed today between the Municipality of Nicosia and the companies Logicom and Cyta for the project “Supply, installation, and operation of infrastructure and smart city systems” proceeding to the implementation of the Integrated Smart City Strategy 2018-2028 which is being implemented during the last five years.

According to an announcement by the Municipality of Nicosia, the project is divided into two sections that will be implemented by two groups of companies, led by Logicom Solutions and CYTA.

YODIWO is part of the second section which relates to the operation of the Infrastructure and smart city systems:

•    Nicosia Wireless Network – NWN

•    System of electronic network announcements (info-points and digital signage) for highlighting and enhancing the tourist and cultural events of the city

•    Smart lighting

•    Environmental sensors monitoring System

•    Smart waste ( Waste bin filling monitoring system)

•    Smart urban mobility

•    Smart parking

The companies that are taking over the implementation of section 2, together with YODIWO are CYTA, NewCytech, NOKIA and Ernst & Young. YODIWO will be implementing its flagship smart city applications YodiPark, YodiBin, and YodiLight. The duration of the project is expected to be 36 months but the first infrastructure and smart city systems will be available within 2021.