IoT Awards 2022: the latest in big data utilization

On 16th March 2022, Boussias, leading business technology publisher in Greece, held their first ever IoT Awards ceremony at Radisson Blu Park Hotel in Athens. At this event, Yodiwo celebrated our three winning entries: a Gold Award for YodiFEM – our smart buildings software –   in the Building Optimization category, as well as both a Gold and Silver Award for YodiCITY – in the Smart Parking and Waste Management categories respectively. Above all, we are beyond excited about the huge innovation potential that these awards constitute for technological collaboration and the reaping of real-time data benefits by businesses and organizations, now being offered a marketplace of cutting edge IoT technologies.                             

Awards judge Professor Nancy Alonistioti of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens has correctly highlighted that IoT is one of the three leading technological innovations of the next decade, grappling with the challenge of “Managing, correlating and extracting insights in real time from an overload of machine produced data”.

At a time when automation had to make great leaps in order to meet overlapping and complex needs from economic pressures to governance to health and labor issues globally, it is crucial that technology responds with agility and multi-faceted tools that effectively utilize big data.


Take a look at our entries…



YodiFEM for Building Optimization


Inspiration… The need for an all-in-one smart infrastructure management system. We believe that issues of building automation, healthy environments, sustainable facilities, and satisfied employees are all part of the same equation. Yodiwo seeks to be part of an overall transformation of the edifice upon which people live and work, in line with the European Union and Market requirements for companies to adopt environmental and social responsibility policies


  •  Our clients in Facility Management, working with big and multiple facilities, expressed pain that existing platforms don’t offer all-in-one tools for building optimization, able to simultaneously analyze signals and data from various sources, correlate them and reach decisions about resolving anomalies and making improvements. There is little automation that comes out from analyzing this data separately, and therefore less actionable results when it comes to juggling between monitoring, maintaining and regulating appliances, equipment, and various systems affecting a building’s energy consumption and environmental conditions.
  • Energy Consultants and Auditors also lack the tools to overlook how their strategies were implemented across all their clients’ buildings, and which of those strategies worked best towards achieving ESG goals while creating energy optimized environments.
  • HR departments today need to consider workspace comfortability, stress free and COVID safe environments, and accommodate demands for hybrid work. In addition, they spread themselves thin to provide answers to complex questions such as Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).


Innovation… Digital twins of buildings are created in a modular system, that enables users to create their own rules, asses customized KPI’s, and tackle all the above pain areas through data compilation. Modern analytics utilize historical and real time data to make predictions and schedule actions while saving energy, operating costs, maintaining equipment and ensuring good operation of different systems (ex. AC, fire fighting, ventilation etc.). Ambient conditions can be improved and distractions such as noise levels can be monitored and resolved, to increase comfort and eliminate SBS. Booking of desks, meeting rooms and parking slots is integrated, creating a dynamic workspace for hybrid work styles, ensuring adequate distancing and optimizing the use of areas. 

YodiCITY for Smart Parking and Waste Management


Inspiration… Cities are notoriously hectic and stressful to navigate; hubs of pollution where disease can rapidly spread. Creating smart cities requires flexible, combined solutions to improve the lives and health of citizens, optimize transportation, reduce hazards, all while catering to energy efficiency and sustainability. YodiCITY focuses on several intertwined pain areas to target all the above, including:


1. YodiPARK Smart Parking

Motivation… City traffic and limited parking space are dreadful facts to drivers. Having to endlessly circle multiple blocks in the hope of eventually securing a parking spot doesn’t just lead to road rage, but also to increased emissions and air pollution. In addition, Digital Innovation Offices in local municipalities may have the tools to monitor these conditions, but they have no way of acting upon them in real time, let alone prevent them.

Innovation… We have found that being insightful and flexibly utilizing two IoT technologies works best in making our solution adaptable across as many places and municipalities as possible. For this purpose we combine:

  • Smart cameras that use A.I and Machine Learning algorithms, establishing a self-trained computer vision system able to pick up on humans, animals, vehicles, objects and movements in great detail, and dynamically predicts behavioral patterns.
  • Sophisticated IoT sensors placed on roads, updating the platform whenever a parking spot is taken.

Traffic is thus diverted, accidents are prevented, alternative routes and spots are automatically generated, all while reducing pollution, noise levels and overall frustration. Citizens can access all this information through an App, giving those disproportionately affected, such as people with disabilities, priority over reserving spots, and helps municipalities target illegal parking.


2.  YodiBIN for Waste Management

Motivation… Poor waste management leads to an increased risk of infectious diseases, toxic hazards to people and animals, and contributes to global climate change through methane production. Municipal solid waste is estimated at 2k tones annually, at least 33% of which is not environmentally handled. Proper management is essential for building green and sustainable cities, but remains a  modern challenge. Effective waste management is costly, often exceeding municipal budgets, without providing end-to-end solutions.

Innovation… Smart sensors are placed inside the bins, understanding whenever one fills up, and picking up on patterns with predictive analytics. Municipalities can therefore schedule garbage collection times accordingly, while optimizing truck routes, reducing gas emissions.  Meanwhile, edge computer vision scans the surrounding area. This combined system of sensors and cameras can pick up on anomalies such as bins breaking or temperature rises. Fly tipping and illegal waste dumping is immediately dealt with, and correct recycling is ensured.


Like all our software, YodiCITY is built on the principle that different smart city services  (parking, lighting, air quality etc), can no longer be treated as siloed entities but rather as processes that directly influence each other. We believe that the power of our Smart Parking and Waste Management services lies on them being standalone products with multiple modules each, as much as on their dynamic interaction under the YodiCITY umbrella making highly digitized, environmentally and energy optimized urban environments a dream within grasp.

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