Announcing EUROSTIA: Human-Centric Artificial Intelligence for Building and Asset Management

YODIWO AE and the SMART research group of University of Southeast Norway (USN) have just launched EUROSTIA, a project co-financed within the “Business Innovation Greece” programme, according to the Financing agreement number 2021/580985, with Innovation Norway as the programme operator.

EUROSTIA will evolve Yodiwo’s current Integrated Workplace Management Platform, to a sophisticated business operation management system – a must-have tool for organizations to reach major KPIs within their ESG strategies. We are thrilled to partner with the SMART research group of the University of Southeast Norway and incorporate their machine learning models to further optimize the energy and operational efficiency of workspaces. We are grateful to Innovation Norway who appreciated the potential contribution of EUROSTIA to EU’s green economy

Alex Maniatopoulos, CEO

The total amount of the project is EUR 974.179, out of which the non-reimbursable financial assistance shall not exceed the amount of EUR 607.197, the level of non-reimbursable co-financing being 62,33%

EUROSTIA showcases how academic research can aid commercial software by increasing its scope and effectiveness. We are pleased to work with Yodiwo, a company with a proven market record in smart infrastructure management. The financial support of Innovation Norway will strengthen the research activities of the SMART research group at USN and will become the basis for a long term collaboration with Yodiwo

Prof. Nils-Olav Skeie, leader of SMART research group

EUROSTIA shall be implemented by 30.04.202

Additional details can be obtained from:

Yodiwo contact: Dimitris Leonardos
Position: Project Manager

University of Southeast Europe contact: Carlos Pfeiffer
Position: Professor, University of Southeast Norway

For more details regarding the funding programme, please visit: