Yodiwo’s winning entries at Boussias IoT Awards 2023

Yodiwo’s 2nd year at BOUSSIAS’s IoT Awards has been a great success for our newly developed IoT systems aiming for full digital transformation and end-to-end sustainability in modern facilities.

Two Bronze awards were rewarded to Yodiwo for our digital twins and ISO management systems, and a Silver award for our workspace management solutions in the Facility Management, Sustainability and Facility & Maintenance categories respectively.

As part of YodiFEM – an all-in-one platform for complete sustainability in modern facilities – Yodiwo’s winning solutions can be used as standalone modules or as part of an integrated approach to digitalise the entirety of organisations’ processes.  

Take a look at our entries:

Digital Twins in Facility Management

Digital twins technology provides YodiFEM users with unprecedented visualisation, analysis and prediction capabilities, uniquely combining IoT, AI, 3D representation of spaces and equipment, AR and VR technologies. Yodiwo has invested in AI algorithms as a necessary component of digital twins, recognizing that user friendly and real time management of data should go hand with sophisticated simulation models that give Facility Managers the power to evaluate their data-driven decisions.

With custom user profiles, the entirety of teams and clients can remain connected and have a clear picture of how while FM’s get the full picture of everything happening at the buildings they manage, and can track comparative efforts across different cost centers.

EnGage (module for full Energy and Sustainability ISO Management)

Sustainability status in modern business is determined largely by the employment of quality management standards.  EnGage will not only help large public and private organizations become ISO-certifiable, but rather it automates ISO management for more than 20% increase in achieving sustainability KPIs towards continuous improvement of their energy and carbon neutrality strategies.

EnGage is the first system of its kind to use:

  • IoT technology for big data collection and sending messages to automation control devices (Automation Controllers) for immediate measures, e.g. limiting energy consumption
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning algorithms to determine the level and severity of risks
  • Report customization capabilities to support each organization’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

More specifically, ISO 140001 management serves completes YodiFEM’s conditions monitoring features to ensure continuous reduction of CO2 emissions, automating data collection, performing predictive analysis and digitalizing CAPA management.

Similarly, through ISO 500001 management, Yodiwo offers an end-to-end energy efficiency package to our partners and their end clients from energy intelligence to automated EPCs to dynamic implementation of their action points.

The streamlining of different quality systems directly through the YodiFEM platform allows organizations to reach unprecedented levels of sustainability operational efficiency and gain significant understanding of how different indicators intersect. 

Integrated Workplace Management

At Yodiwo, the human factor plays an important role in everything we do. We have incorporated YodiFEM’s task management, hot desking and shift management systems into a complete package for all aspects of the modern workplace.

With just one App, staff can control all aspects of their day at work (even when working remotely), while Facilities Managers, HR & Operations departments can achieve stress-free transparent adherence to EU Time Tracking Laws, unlock hidden factors of workforce productivity and battle SBS while optimizing environmental conditions and energy usage. Then, optimal space layouts are configured and occupancy based energy consumption is automated along with dynamic maintenance of all systems and equipment.