Why Digital Transformation Matters

Alex Maniatopoulos Yodiwo CEO at Delphi Economic Forum

Delphi Economic Forum 2023 was a remarkable event which brought together key agents of economic growth and sustainable change from Greece and internationally. This year’s event demonstrated a profound understanding that the adoption of smart technology has now become the fundamental catalyst to economic and societal growth.

With exponential developments happening in technology, there was a specific focus on how digital transformation can encompass multiple challenges at once, and encompass the challenges introduced by modern ESG policies.

Yodiwo’s CEO Alex Maniatopoulos was invited to speak on Why Digital Transformation Matters – a vibrant panel moderated by Fanouris Drakakis Chief Editor2045.gr, bringing together leading agents of digital transformation from the private to the public sector. The panelists demonstrated some important takeaways on how technology can best aid business and society alike in their seamless adaptation to modern economic, social and environmental challenges.

Dimitrios Giantsis , General Director of Projects at Information Society S.A begun the discussion by stressing out the importance of digitalizing citizens’ life as a necessary prerequisite to creating smarter organizations.  

Pantelis Tzortzakis, Executive Vice Chairman of Hellenic Development Bank, spoke from the scope of financing business digital transformation projects. An important highlight was the introduction of an ESG tracker for SMEs to upload their policies and get an automatic score of their ESG ratings based on their particular field – based on which Hellenic Development Bank can give tailored assistance to different business’ economic growth.

Dionysis Diamantopoulos, Partner of KPMG Greece, also stressed out the importance of maintaining bespoke and agile approaches to costumer experience using smart data analysis. In order to achieve that, the focus is on maintaining flexible and expandable systems that enables organizations to withstand different client challenges while digitalizing all workflows from front to middle to back offices for concerted and profitable approaches.  

Theodoros Gerostergioudis, Chief Operating Officer of Masoutis S.A, likewise highlighted the importance of getting behind the everyday needs of customers and feeding that understanding into business strategies. To this end, organizations must be able to predict and adapt, while having a real-time view of how their services’ entire lifecycle.  

From the perspective of a technology provider focusing on cutting edge IoT, AI and ML technologies that aid business precisely in monitoring, predicting and adapting through end-to-end digitalization of their processes, Alex Maniatopoulos likewise stressed the priority of automating operations.

Working with public and private organizations in Greece and internationally, Yodiwo focuses on developing systems for business sustainability index management focusing on smart facilities and their environmental impact in the context of ESG policies and ISO systems.

With projects including 500 facilities and 3 cities internationally, Yodiwo has produced a number of case studies which demonstrated some significant differences between Greek and international organizations in the ways they plan and adopt smart solutions.

Namely, Alex Maniatopoulos noted that Greek enterprise have yet to benefit from a top-down approach of their ESG strategies, allowing a well structured model to trickle down to the rest of the organization. Before we must speak of smarter and efficient enterprise, company culture must become a central issue, which is precisely why Yodiwo invests in systems that connect all components of organizations, reducing manhours and boosting efficiency.

The panelists have all brilliantly demonstrated how a new era of smart technology is dawning, valuing a human centric and highly flexible approach.

Watch the full panel in Greek here