presents YODIWO’s success story

Feb. 23, 2021


Alex Maniatopouls, CEO & Co-founder of Yodiwo, gave an interview to Michael Kosmetatos for about the need for Integrated Workplace Management Systems and the next generation of Facility Management systems.

The original interview can be found here (in Greek).

Bellow, we provide a summary of the main points discussed with Michalis.

The innovative technology company involved in the next generation of Facility Management systems

With its “roots” in Patras and its headquarter in Sweden, Yodiwo managed to give another dimension to the traditional Facility Management and transform it into complete management of the human resources and assets of a company, using its “Made in Greece” platform, providing Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence solutions.

The Brookstreet investment for the 2-year expansion plan

Yodiwo is a Greek company, in terms of its people, but it is Headquartered in Sweden. How did this happen? In 2015, when it all started, it was not quite a startup. It was part of Samsung and specifically belonged to a business unit called Samsung Nanoradio Desing Center (SNDC). The business unit became independent and later an agreement was reached between its management and Samsung so that it would become the property of its members. Alex Maniatopoulos was one of them, along with three other shareholders: Nikos Kostis, Petros Vasileiou, and the Swedish partner Per Mårtensson.

In November 2020 Yodiwo reached an agreement with Brookstreet, which in the next two years will invest a large enough amount to help Yodiwo expand abroad.

Moreover, Yodiwo participates in the “11th” of SEV, in the framework of the Innovation Ready initiative for the promotion and dissemination of cutting-edge Industry 4.0 technologies.

Engie, Veolia, Dixons, ΝΟΚΙΑ, VolkerWessels, and other “heavy” customer names

Our primary customer group includes companies operating in the field of Facility Management, having made the shift from its traditional form to the overall management of an organization’s issues. The purpose is the “smart” management of commercial and industrial buildings with solutions harmonized with environmental, social, and corporate governance policies (ESG). In Greece we work with the French multinational group Engie, while another great collaboration in the same field is with Veolia in Sweden

We are also proud to have customers like Kotsovolos (leader on the Greek market), part of the British Dixons South East Group, which together with Yodiwo was awarded at the Bite Awards for the “Plano 360” platform, NOKIA for smart solutions, Volker & Wessels, Cosmote, BDF, Vox South Africa. In Cyprus, there is cooperation with CYTA, EY, and Newcytech, as well as partnerships with IoT semiconductor companies such as NXP and Dialog Semiconductor.

The need for Integrated Workplace Management Systems

Our goal is what in the international community is called Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS). These systems are the next generation of Facility Management systems.

The primary goal for companies is not only cost reduction, but also the Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance strategy (ESG) in general: respect for the environment through the reduction of energy consumption, gas emissions, and recycling plus the impact they have on society in general and the provision of ideal and safe working conditions in particular.

Our system upgrades the classic Facility Management by creating a company’s “digital twin” and, with continuous processing of data from multiple digital systems by using Artificial Intelligence, “data-driven” decisions are now made to improve the operation of the organization at multiple levels based on the ESG performance indicators set by the company.

In each area, we have different issues to solve. We are developing our system so that it is applicable both in offices or commercial spaces and in industrial buildings as well.

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