Retail Management


Management of stores, especially retail chains can prove to be a challenging and laborious task. Space planning, product placement, planogram creation and and compliance auditing, e-label management, inventory shortages, communication between stakeholders, issue handling, and tracking of critical KPIs cannot be efficiently addressed without the use of a reliable digital companion, easily expandable to address any retail need.


Plano360 is the ideal platform targeting retailers and merchandisers of any type and size and allows them to create and manage their store digital twin, creating significant operational efficiencies.


A multi-tenant,  multilingual ‘Intelligent Retail Management Solution’ that saves more than 50% of the time spent on this laborious process, eliminates human errors, prevents frustration among the stakeholders, considers inventory needs and minimizess planogram deviation incidents.


Plano360 is a versatile Retail platform that carries out holistically all the essential tasks of a store.  Increase your sales, streamline your processes, improve the efficiency of your staff, gain access to your data and let it drive your actions. If you are looking for the ideal solution to digitally transform your store or chain, look no further.

The DNA of Plano360:


Plano360 is an exceptional cloud application that takes advantage of Yodiwo’s IoT platform capabilities to integrate various systems and deliver unified solutions which facilitate business processes that normally create huge overheads for companies.

The 360O process


Configure the environment

Management of SKU codes
Floorplans & Assets/Furniture Management
User management


Drive the process

Store layout management
Central planogram creation per store
In-store planogram execution (realogram)


Ensure smooth execution

Incident reporting during implementation
Implementation status reporting
In-store inventory & e-label management


Automate the audit process

Planogram compliance auditing and reporting
Auxiliary data
Incident reporting

Business Intelligence

Computer aided continuous improvement

KPI reporting
Action proposal
Promo management


Save time:


Plano360 eliminates the use of excels and PowerPoints and reduces the planogram setup time.
Increase sales:


By improving shopping experience, avoiding OOS incidents and ensuring prompt replenishment, sales can increase up to 8%.
Real-time in-store intelligence:


Monitor ideal store layouts, planograms vs realograms/ monitor promo activities and sales results.
Improve execution:


Visibility between central management and store teams increases productivity up to 30% and eliminates frustration. Plano360 enables the headquarters to communicate clearly and visually to a national and international network of shops.
Increase operational efficiency:


60% operational cost efficiency achieved by streamlining store and shelf set-up and audit process.