Sustainable real estate

Delivering high quality facilities to all clients

Rising rent, energy crisis, post-pandemic focus on health and well-being; real estate is facing combined pressure from sustainability management, inspection reports, as well as clients increasingly seeking well-run, comfortable, cost-efficient, and greener premises.

Reduce the energy footprint of your buildings and increase property value with cutting-edge IoT solutions that make most of your existing systems, sensors, and meters. With all your data in one place, arranged in an actionable manner, you can optimise the management of a larger portfolio. Action simultaneous upgrades and deliver continual improvement in your buildings, demonstrating consistent effort to your clients across all types of property.

Sustainability management  in the real estate industry

Integrated building management for tenant-centered automation  

YodiFEM – Scalable solutions for sustainable facilities. 

The single point of reference for real estate professionals, digitising your portfolio for end-to-end operations efficiency and data-driven responses to: 

  • Reducing costs and carbon emissions
  • Remote assets management
  • Tenant wellbeing and satisfaction

Dynamically resolve, predict and strategise with:  

  • 24/7 data collection in an all-in-one multi-tenant platform allowing agents to directly communicate with any maintenance personnel as well as their tenants.
  • Advanced analytics picking up patterns of energy consumption, air quality, indoor/outdoor environmental conditions to reveal optimal conditions for occupants. 


Digitally transform your buildings 

View the digital twins of your buildings on a modular Cloud-based platform integrating with any existing building management system to collect, correlate and analyze all your data from a single pane of glass. Dynamically resolve underperforming systems, avoid deferred maintenance, and accurately budget for repairs ahead of time. 

Yodiwo offers entirely customizable and scalable software solutions tailored to the needs of commercial real estate.

Choose the combined package or individual modules


Anomaly detection, prediction and dynamic resolution

For predictive maintenance of all equipment and systems and forecasting that helps you extend the lifecycle of assets whilst saving energy, time and money, thanks to the use of advanced analytics. Avoid deferred maintenance, predict costs, and prevent anomalies by dynamically scheduling maintenance without strenuous communication hassles.

Energy dissagregation with comparative analytics 

Get the contribution of each device, room, floor or zone to the energy footprint of your organization and decide how to improve based on targeted actions that really matter. View and correlate energy data per device, room, floor and zone, track comparative progress and detect multiple energy and cost saving opportunities. In addition, compare efforts across different clients’ buildings with similar characteristics for consistent management efforts.  

Return on investment

Tracking the performance of assets, predicting failures, assessing upgrade opportunities and verifying the corresponding energy savings.

ISO support for consistent ESG reporting

Yodiwo’s solutions are developed to support various energy and environmental management systems such as ISO 5001, LEED, ISO 14001 etc. Combined use of our solutions helps you streamline your ESG strategies while breaking them down into clearcut certifiable operations with trackable KPIs. 

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