Smart ESG and ISO management platform

Energy, ESG and ISO management in a unified and intelligent manner.

Seamless ESG Reporting for the Private and Public sectors


EnGage is your way to automated monitoring and reporting in compliance with various ESG frameworks. It simplifies ESG management, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes, while addressing the key challenges faced by ESG teams.


EnGage platform

An unparalleled combination of advanced features that guarantee precise, comprehensive, and real-time ESG management under a unified platform.

Ensures data accuracy and reliability

Say goodbye to discrepancies in ESG data. EnGage provides a robust data governance framework, centralizing data sources and implementing standardized collection processes. Accurate and reliable metrics, sourced seamlessly from different departments or business units.

Overcomes the analysis gap

It bridges the gap between collecting raw ESG data and conducting in-depth analysis that can inform strategic decision making, risk management and overall sustainability efforts. Enhance effectiveness and impact of ESG reporting initiatives.

Enhances transparency and credibility

It transforms stakeholder engagement by presenting a clear and concise narrative of your ESG efforts. Tailor your message for different stakeholders, providing detailed insights for decision makers and simplified reports for wider audiences.

What makes EnGage unique

Comprehensive data collection

The solution offers a wide range of data collection methods, allowing you to gather information from various internal and external sources. Whether it’s IT, HR, operations, product circulation, energy management, or sustainability strategy, we’ve got you covered.

AI-driven analytics

AI-driven automation and collaborative workflows, let ESG teams focus on valuable data insights, not data gathering. Precisely forecasts target deviations, generates comprehensive reports, empowers building automation, ensures billing accuracy, and efficiently manages corrective actions.

Simplified framework compliance

EnGage streamlines the compliance process, ensuring that you stay ahead of updates and changes in frameworks like ESRS, GRI, UNGS, ATHEX, SASB and TCFD, simplifying data management and ensuring consistent reporting.

Tailored for businesses of all sizes and the public sector

Adjust your ESG reporting regardless of size and complexity beyond standard frameworks. EnGage provides the flexibility to adapt to each organization’s needs and excel in an ever-evolving sustainability landscape. It can manage a combination of multiple units and entities.

Integration of Customized KPIs with ease

Yodiwo’s platform facilitates the integration of industry specific KPIs while ensuring harmony with standardized reporting requirements. Strike the perfect balance for a comprehensive reporting approach.

Seamless IoT integration

EnGage’s advanced IoT integration captures data instantly, aligning seamlessly with your ESG objectives and KPIs. Gain a reporting advantage with accurate and up-to-date environmental data, ensuring success in your ESG initiatives.

Long-standing energy and environmental expertise

Leverage Yodiwo’s expertise in energy management and smart building solutions to exceed your ESG goals. Gain insights and tools to reduce energy consumption, enhance building performance, and make meaningful strides toward sustainability.

Facilitate team collaboration

It facilitates global team collaboration in ESG reporting through a unified platform, ensuring accurate data visibility at scale. Customize permissions at a granular level for precise control over measurement processes.

Automated ISO Management to maximize your environmental compliance

ISO-CertifiCATION PROCESS made easy

An all-in-one ISO management tool to automate the entire process of becoming ISO-certifiable and reduce workload by 50%. From EnPI Management to ISO 50001 , ISO 14001 and 14064 reporting, to risk management and CAPAs tracking, EnGage offers continuous improvement of energy efficiency and carbon neutrality strategies.

ISO 14001, ISO 14064

ISO 14001 and 14064 management  ensures continuous reduction of CO2 emissions, automating data collection, performing predictive analysis and digitalizing CAPA management.

ISO 50001

Through ISO 50001 management, Yodiwo offers an end-to-end energy efficiency package to our partners and their end clients from energy intelligence to dynamic implementation of their action points.

Key features

  • Automated data collection and verification
  • EnPI Management
  • Collaborative Corrective and Predictive Actions (CAPAs) management
  • 24/7 ISO monitoring to track all relevant tasks based on digital twins technology
  • Report customization capabilities to support each organization’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Risk Management – Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning algorithms to determine the level and severity of risks
  • Integration with corporate HR and Finance Management Systems for Generic and Custom KPIs definition and monitoring


  • Increased data accuracy – the advanced algorithms analyze all data input, comparing it to historical benchmarks and flagging potential discrepancies.
  • Increased transparency – consolidate the organization’s environmental policies, invoices and audit evidence in one place, making them available whenever and wherever needed.
  • Real time data – through advanced IoT integration capabilities, EnGage enables you to capture data in real time.  It also offers a wide range of data collection methods, allowing you to gather information from various internal and external sources.
  • Quality Management Overhead Reduction


A single platform for your entire Sustainability Roadmap


EnGage is designed to provide a seamless ESG and ISO monitoring and reporting experience with audit-proof accuracy. It empowers continuous optimization of carbon footprint, social impact, and governance processes while helping you save time, reduce operational costs, and enhance your environmental responsibility efforts.

Real-time Data Insights

EnGage offers you the edge of real-time data, equipping you to make informed decisions and proactively address ESG objectives.

Customizable and Scalable

The solution is tailored to your unique needs and can adapt as your organization grows. Flexibility is our forte.

Reliability and Trust

Backed by a legacy of expertise, we ensure your data is not just data – it’s dependable and accurate, forming the foundation for sound ESG performance assessment.

Industry-Leading Technology

The Yodiwo’s ESG solution leverages the latest advancements in digital twins, IoT integration, and data analytics. Stay ahead of the curve with our cutting-edge technology.

Sustainability at the Core

We integrate sustainability seamlessly into your operations, ensuring every decision aligns with ESG goals, and helping you enhance environmental responsibility.

Stay ahead with EnGage

EnGage puts you in the driver’s seat of your organization’s ESG efforts. Embrace transparency, simplicit, and precision in your sustainability journey.

Connect with us today to learn more and experience the difference EnGage can make for your organization. Transform your ESG & ISO strategy with Yodiwo!