Quality Management and ESG monitoring & reporting system

An all-in-one ISO management tool to automate the entire process of becoming ISO-certifiable and reduce workload by 50%. From EnPI Management to ISO 50001 , ISO 14001 & 14064 reporting, to risk management and CAPAs tracking, EnGage offers continuous improvement of energy efficiency and carbon neutrality strategies. Through integration with HR and Finance management system, EnGage can additionally be used as a complete ESG reporting software.

  • ISO 14001 and 14064 management  ensures continuous reduction of CO2 emissions, automating data collection, performing predictive analysis and digitalizing CAPA management.
  • Through ISO 50001 management, Yodiwo offers an end-to-end energy efficiency package to our partners and their end clients from energy intelligence to automated EPCs to dynamic implementation of their action points.

Key features

  • EnPI Management
  • Collaborative Corrective & Predictive Actions (CAPAs) management
  • 24/7 ISO monitoring to track all relevant tasks on digital twins
  • ISO 50001, 14001 & 14064 reporting – report customization capabilities to support each organization’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Risk Management – Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning algorithms to determine the level and severity of risks
  • Integration with corporate HR and Finance Management Systems for entire ESG Generic and Custom KPIs definition and monitoring


  • Streamlines Corporate Energy and Environmental Continual Improvement Process: ISO 50001,  ISO 14001,  ISO 14064
  • Integration with any tools for bespoke energy and environmental needs in any organization to footprint
  • Unlocking multiple factors of business sustainability and continuity
  • Quality Management Overhead Reduction
  • Improved ESG rating
  • Better manage ESG risk (non-financial stability)

All-in-one ISO & ESG management tool to automate the entire process and save critical time by over 50%.

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