Yodiwo in Brainstorm Energy Summit – How sustainable energy fits into any organization’s strategy

Fortune took the initiative to organize an important event to generate the discussion on the “green transition,” a hot topic in Greece. Held in Grande Bretagne, the summit brought together leading professionals who exchanged perspectives. 

Yodiwo was invited to participate in a panel focused on “Sustainable Energy & Industry.” The panel explored best practices and challenges regarding ESG management within Greek landscape, discussing strategies for optimizing energy efficiency and cutting greenhouse gas emissions. 

The discussion was moderated by Vasilis Samourkas and featured esteemed panelists including Yiorgos Kostarelis, Sustainability Manager at Philip Morris International; Kostis Daniilidis, CEO of Survey Digital Photovoltaics; and Alex Maniatopoulos, CEO of Yodiwo. 

Alex Maniatopoulos shared insights into the importance of automation and the availability of digital tools based on cutting-edge technology. Companies can easily now address their pain points like valid data consolidation and achieve continuous monitoring and reporting, especially with the mandatory requirements from 2025, while also improving their energy efficiency measurably. 

You can enjoy the entire discussion and learn more about sustainable energy from the video below.

The summit is in Greek.