Smart parking system

A unique combination of technologies that addresses all the challenges of modern organisations (lack of parking spaces, unauthorized parking, etc.) for optimal management of on-street and off-street parking spaces. 

Key features

  • Real-time and historical data analytics: occupancy levels, number of parking slots per zone, per occupancy status, parking revenues, parking violations, most popular parking slots per time (day, week, month, etc.) for the identification of the best pricing policy (if the case)
  • Reporting: trends, occupancy levels, peak times per zone, monetisation, violations. Export data locally in .csv or .xlsx format for further analysis
  • Predictive analytics of parking spaces: next hours parking spaces occupancy trend by using artificial intelligence algorithms 
  • Employees / Visitors Mobile App: Find a vacant parking slot, reserve, navigate and pay on-line
  • Out-of-the-box and custom rules and alerts: violations, device alerts 
  • Special Group Parking: based on user ID recognition and permit rights for disabled visitors /employees, EV charging stations, loading zones 
  • Smart parking sensors, smart cameras, and AI-powered computer vision applications for mass identification of available parking spaces 
  • Parking Admin and Operators Web app for full parking space management, monitoring and policy-making 
  • Sensor HW Agnostic: connect with multiple sensor vendors. Supports LoRa, NB-IoT, SigFox  
  • Integration with 3rd Party Systems: Smart Facilities Platforms, ERPs, Billing, e-payment, POS, infopoints etc. 


For buildings/parking administrators

  • 30% lower cost compared to other smart parking systems thanks to the possibility of choosing and combining appropriate technologies according to the needs of each organisation 
  • Quantify the impact of usage policy or pricing changes
  • Expose and improve under-utilised parking inventory
  • Reduce operating costs and complexity
  • Enable new business models and increase revenue streams
  • Improve user experience (employees, visitors)
  • Open, scalable and expandable

For drivers

  • Easily find available parking
  • User friendly all in one solution (navigate, reserve, pay) from the ease of a mobile phone
  • Renew your parking in just a few seconds
  • Reduction in fuel and time searching for a vacancy

Part of a management solution that addresses the problems of modern organisations

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