All-in-one work management 

Empower your employees with digital tools to manage all aspects of their work from tasks and shifts to hot desking. Build a thriving workforce where teams feel secure and productive, while management responds to all issues with accountability and transparency complying with EU Working Time Directives.

The all-in-one work management tool helps you manage all your workforce data centrally for a profound data-driven understanding of behavioral patterns that extends to all workplace operations.


Manage time, resources, teams and tasks on a single platform.

The combination of Yodiwo’s Desk, Task and Timebox modules can cater to all needs of modern workplace management with advanced analytics and reports by employee, department, work model, project and cost center. Benchmark productivity and make data-driven improvements for more efficient, satisfied teams, and stress-free work inspections.


  • Real-time view of employee location for effective communication and dynamic task assignment
  • Team project management with group bookings
  • Employee and team productivity insights by workspace for more productive environments


  • Dynamic time tracking of tasks by asset, cost center, employee, customer from start to end of each job
  • Accurate calculation of project costs and full transparency to clients
  • Detailed reports on work efficiency and actual working hours per person/asset/cost center


  • Real time validation of employee’s presence in the workplace with QR or beacons and navigation to booked space
  • Dynamic release of booked office spot once employee clocks out
  • Accurate reports of when and where each employee worked

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